Saturday, February 12, 2011


Looking through the tiny eyes, she said a thousand words...
even when she did not even is too tiny to speak one of those......

She came into my life like a cool breeze of the summer..........
It almost seemed that I waited a lifetime for this moment

Although she does not still know what a smile is
She still smiles for me when I come back from work
I almost feel refreshed and wait for this moment everyday,
because this one moment relaxes me by taking all the pains away.......

Wish her all the best for a lifetime full of competition
with a promise that I will be there for her.........
She just completed us as a family and we wait for the day
when she will make us proud and We will say, "here comes my girl.........."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kahani Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost

Somebody asked me, define happiness,
I said "See, that's easy"
suddenly I got a call and forgot about it.......

Next evening while going back home on the Friday evening, knocking on the door of another Weekend, I realized
Ohhh, the easy answer stil needs a thought, I said to myself "come on, this is easy",
Thank heavens, I feel good and happy all the time, just about putting it all into one single answer, I begun my thought process...

When I started thinking, I got lost in so many different happenings,
Just struggled in the crowd of thoughts to get a headstart for my search
Then I said to myself, "Fine, family first"

I started to think about good things that happened recently but could not recall any
Probably I was too busy to know about day to day happiness that appeases my family
I was shocked as to how come I am not aware, but then accepted the truth and moved on with my search

Then I said OK, I am really glad to have love in my life and giggled a bit
Even this emotion was shortlived when I realized that the frequency of constructive dialogs has reduced
and These days we are more into justifying things to each other rather than knowing each other
The old principle of Don't judge, just Love was moving out quickly out of my life and I did not had a clue

"Ok, enough" was the pause I needed to start on a new track and I just did that
Memories of buddies and friends made me feel good and started me again on my track
Searched my mobile to call up people and get to know how are they doing
I called up a buddy and came to know he moved on to Americas four months back
Looked at my mobile bil which said Four thousand bucks and immidiately felt, I was not on the right track

I decided, OK, I need to think about life in a new light....
Success has its own cost but this is not what it is like
Prioritize things today and learn to go back and say sorry
Then life will be happy in all its bloom and glory..........

If you think OK has been used excessively, its OK because I just wanted to put emphasis on some points :)... Simply Alok

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

----Movie review: Public Enemies----

Cast: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale

Length: 2 Hours and 04 Minutes

Well, The story is set in the year 1933, the era of organized public crime. Criminals like John Dilinger (Depp), Babyface nelson, and Pretty Face Floyed are toying with the laws and state police units are not able to stop them. Dilinger is famous for his swift Bank robberies. He can rob a bank for in under 2 minutes and move away in a stolen car.

In between a series of bank robberies, Dillinger meets Billie Frechette at a restaurant. He tries to woo her by gifting a fur coat. Frechette falls for Dillinger even after he tells her who he is, and the two quickly become lovers.

Then, agent Melvin Purvis is appointed for handling cases related to Public Enemies and follows each and every activity of these criminals. In the meantime, Dilinger and Billie draw closer to each other. Billie works as a coat clerk in a club. The scene where Dilinger asks her to leave everything and come along is really intresting. I think the confidence level of John Dilinger as a person has been well potrayed by Depp.

The movie is well paced, except a few places where the scenes could have been made a bit more interesting. Like the scene where John Dillinger escapes from the prison by using a wooden gun. There is no mention as to how he got the idea to create a wooden gun and polish it to look like a small revolver.

The close encounter among Dilinger and team versus Police have been well portrayed. The facts have been preserved and the excitement has been infused by the director. Except one fact, that Babuface Nelson got killed in the encounter in the "Little Bohemia Lounge", all other story contents are in agreement with the police version of incidents.

In all, this is a better than average movie and deserves a 2.5 - 3 rating out of 5. The artists have done really well to get inside their characters and displays the level of research that goes into a face recreation.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dedicated to a very close friend of mine........

I am dead or I am alive,
This is not the way I wanted life,
even the rivers inside have gone dry,
cannot shed a tear, even if I try.......................

Evils around took my flight to the ground,
to show me the freaky things around,
I was shattered and had no support,
It just happened when I was alone...............

Looking at the sky, I heaved a sigh,
this just looked like an ugly lie,
but eyes are open and it is true,
I am just thinking and thinking about you..................

Strange is the word and I am sure,
Nothing in the world makes me allure,
The support from heavens is still with me,
God is great and he will alwys be with me.............. :-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you find me happy, maybe I am thinking about you,
When I see you, happiness seems moving and true,
The quality time we have spent together were life’s best moments
Such times have closely built my world around you…………..

I could not find happiness till I was searching for it,
I found it in moments when I forgot about it,
The moments spend with you; will last a lifetime,
Till time stops the life’s sweet-bitter -sour rhyme………………

I believe nobody is indispensable and it is true,
Until I think about the time spent with you,
My serious thoughts have begun to dissolve in the solace of your companion,
I have again started to believe in a bouquet of emotions,

I think it’s time when I should say what’s due,
Your smiles lights up the world around you,
Whenever I smile, I need no reason to feel the happiness,
Because I am always thinking about you…………………….

Copyright 2008, Alok Sharma